About Us

Marshall & Associates is a locally grown real estate brokerage. It started with one woman and an idea over 30 years ago in Northern California. To this day it continues to be locally, family and woman owned. The story goes like this:

The winds of change were blowing in Winona Marshall’s life in the 1970’s and she chose to direct her energy and passion to helping her neighbors with Real Estate. In the ensuing 30 years she built a reputation in the community of being honest and reliable. Her daughter, Judy defer, followed suit in the early 80's and so did her granddaughter, Cherie Tiscareno, in 2000. Winona retired in 2006 with Judy and Cherie continuing the tradition.

Today they are based in both Roseville and Sunnyvale, California and have a team of 11 committed and caring consultants. Each licensed consultant was chosen for their commitment to honesty, integrity and above all the way they care about the long-term outcome of each client. Together as a team they focus on:

  • Continuing education to keep abreast of market trends and changing legalities.
  • Deepening client relationships through consistent communication, systemization & world class service.
  • Discovering and developing new, innovative ways of marketing to remain cutting edge and relevant in today’s marketplace.
  • Educating themselves as to the options and help that is available to the growing number of homeowners whom are struggling in their mortgage situation.
  • Guiding home buyers through the HUD buying process so they can successfully become homeowners.

The Marshall & Associates team look forward to learning what’s most important to you and then putting their expertise to work for you.

M&A Team